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Heavy Duty Chassis Engineered For Classic Pickup Trucks

The chassis also features thru-frame exhaust passages, which allow the truck to have a lower overall stance while still maintaining ample ground clearance.

In addition to being designed for the exact year/make/model truck, Morrison can build in the exact ride height desired to obtain a contemporary stance.

Key Features Of Morrison's 2x6 Mani Rail Pickup Chassis

Engineered to fit the exact year, make and model truck. No compromises!

Your choice of ride height and stance

Superbly engineered suspension package provides vastly improved handling
Beefy 2"x6" main rail with precision mandrelformed 2"x4" subframes 180 wall tubing
Frame is fixture-welded to assure proper alignment of all suspension components
Choice of AME's own IFS, Sport IFS or Air Spring-Plus front suspension
Triangulated 4-bar, 4-bar or Air Spring-Plus rear suspension options
Through-frame passages for 2.5" or 3" exhaust provide lower CG with ample ground clearance
Uses 20:1 Power Rack steering
Several coil-over spring options

Stephan Johnson's 1955 Chevrolet Stepside features an Art Morrison Truck Chassis with triangulated 4-bar suspension. Click here for more build photos of this amazing 1966 Stepside.

Gene Quanz's Ford Pickup features a ton of body modifications, an Art Morrison chassis, and a Pro Power built 430 cubic inch Fontana Small block for power. Click here for more build photos of this amazing Ford Pickup.