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Bolt On Diagonal Link Kits

The Morrison Bolt-On Diagonal Link Kit features Right hand/left hand rod ends provide easy adjustment. Your choice of 30" or 36" long links, with various size clevis ends offered. Complete with all required hardware.

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Price: $ Starting at 95.00

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Weld On Panhard Bar Kit

This Weld-On Panhard Bar kit includes tower mounts for the rear end housing and frame. The bar is fitted with polyurethane-bushed stainless steel rod ends. (High Misalignment Panhard Bar Kit Shown in Photo).

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Price: $ 165.00

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Bolt On Panhard Bar Kit

The Morrison Bolt-On Panhard Bar kit that attaches to a 9" Ford housing with the 3rd member bolts. Chassis brackets are welded on. Includes all required hardware.

Item Number: 12120527

Price: $ 170.00

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Anti-Roll Assembly

This adjust-able torsion bar assembly will help eliminate ET-robbing body roll. Bar exerts pressure on the rear end housing to prevent roll.

Item Number: 12120800

Price: $ 270.00

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Rear Wishbone Kit

Morrison Wishbones offer the ultimate in adjusting convenience. They are available made from either Mild Steel or 4130 Chrome Moly Tubing.

Item Number: 12120700

Price: From $ 280.00

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