Morrison Supercar Information

The "SuperCar" from Morrison has quickly come to be recognized as the best kit car on the market. Please call for "Personalized Design Assistance."

Morrison Tubing Notcher

When building your Morrison SuperCar it is important to obtain the optimum fit for all intersecting joints. This handy tool uses Holesaw Blades to "fishmouth" the tubes, and can be powered by an ordinary 1/2" variable speed Drill Press. The "Cutting Angle" can be adjusted from 45-90 degree to handle virtually any required fit. This device economically delivers professional results and saves time! HD Holesaw Blades are also available.

Item Number: 17173000

Price: $ 170.00

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All the Required Accessories are Available Too!

Morrison carries all the Accessories to complete your SuperCar Project, from Wheelie Bars to Master Cylinder Mounts, Pedal Assemblies; even a "Complete Narrowed 9" Ford SuperCar Housing" is available!

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"How to Build a SuperCar"

A detailed step-by-step over-view of the construction of "Project Super Glass '55-Morrison SuperCar" is covered in series of articles in Car Craft magazine. It covers everything from the first few tasks right through to the '55 Chevy's 8-second competition debut.

Price: $ 5.00

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Can I "Build it Myself"?

The Morrison SuperCar has truly been designed for optimum ease of assembly by do-it-yourselfers. For example, a simple "jig" can be made by holding the tubing in the proper position for welding. The 2X3 SuperCar Platform is even available "Pre-Welded".

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What About 2X3 vs. An All Round Tube Chassis?

Many factors influence a racer's decision to build a round tube or 2"x3" rail chassis. Racers in Super Gas, Super Street and E.T. classes prefer a "2X3 tube" car because of the additional stiffness that comes with the beefy 2"x3" Main Rails. With a more rigid chassis, the vehicle reaction time is quicker than with a more flexible round tube chassis. When building faster Super Comp and Pro cars you'll want the "low slung" look of an...

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Round Tube Morrison SuperCar

The Round Tube Morrison SuperCar is available in both Mild Steel and 4130 Tubing. Custom Engineered for your application. (Mild Steel Supercar with the Funny Car Cage Option is NHRA Legal to 7.50 ET.)

Price: From $ 1,325.00

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Why Choose a Morrison Supercar?

The "SuperCar" from Morrison has quickly come to be recognized as the best kit car on the market. And for good reason. Each "kit" is a totally integrated package, designed completely from the ground up - using CAD technology - for a specific application. If you want the satisfaction of building a first-rate Race Car from the ground up, your best foundation is a Morrison "SuperCar". It's designed for easy do-it-yourself construction!

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