Rear Suspension Kits

Key Features - FAQ

4-Bar Suspension Package

The 4-bar setup features Morrison's highly regarded polyurethane-bushed stainless steel rod ends and coil springs rate-matched to the application and coil-over shock absorbers.

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Price: $ 1,209.00

Morrison 4-Link Packages are available too!

Morrison's 4-link rear suspensions are perfect for competition or street applications where maximum adjustability is desired. Most of our 4-links are sold in complete rear suspension packages. They include the 4-link with frame and housing brackets, coil-over rear shocks with springs rate-matched to your exact application and a choice of a Panhard bar (for street use) or diagonal link.(Shown in photo).

Price: As Shown at Right $ 1,020.00

Tri 4-Bar Suspension Package

Morrison makes it easy to install a contemporary Triangulated 4-Bar rear suspension in most any chassis with this convenient package. It contains an AME Triangulated 4-Bar kit, Aldan coil-over springs, shock mounts and hardware. Also available with a sway-bar (shown) to provide extra control over body roll.

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Price: From $ 520.00

Competition and Street Ladder Bar Packages

Our Ladder Bar Packages include our Double Adjustable Ladder Bar Kit, crossmember tube with brackets, axle housing mounts, spring mounts, our Morrison spring kit with adjustable shocks and rate matched springs.The Competition Package includes 4340 solid rod ends and diagonal link kit.

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Price: From $690.00