Straight Talk From Art

Forty-five years ago I started Art Morrison Enterprises, building cars for local drag racers. Back then I would never have guessed that we would be in the position that we are today shipping chassis and suspension packages around the United States and to many countries around the world. Teaming up with some of the great car builders we have been able to be part of some spectacular builds and it is a constant inspiration for us to see these cars when they are finished. New technology us to engineer new chassis more quickly, build better chassis and ultimately letting you have a better product to go under your next project.

Art (l) and Craig Morrison (r) have long demonstrated the ability to provide customers with products they desire.

Over this time, technology has allowed us to do a better job building chassis and in a more efficient manner as well. The latest piece of technology to help us do this is a 3D laser scanner. This phenomenal device projects a laser grid onto a vehicle body and lets us quickly and accurately gather the sheet-metal dimensions. By dimensioning the body, rather than the chassis, we can more accurately design the chassis to take advantage of the wasted spaces that are usually found under the floor. Scanning also lets us check engine fitment, hood clearance and wheel well dimensions without having to actually place components into an actual vehicle. With the portability of this scanning system, we also have the ability to travel to locations outside of Art Morrison Enterprises and scan vehicles in the field. Expect some great updates regarding scanned projects later this year.

This new laser scanning device is letting us work on reverse engineering a couple of chassis products that have been heavily requested: the 1955-1959 Chevrolet truck and the 1953-1956 Ford F100. The similarities between these two chassis are amazing and we will be able to address both truck frames on the same jig table. Utilizing the same suspension architecture as our '47-'53 Chevy truck chassis, the performance and ride qualities should be spectacular. With the majority of the dimensioning already completed, you can expect that we will be able to offer these for sale late spring of 2016. On pages 19 and 20 of this catalog, you can see what both of these chassis will look like.

New 1953-1956 Ford F100 Chassis.

We have also invested in creating new jigs this year, everything from a new state of the art rear end housing jig to welding tables and new chassis assembly tables. These new tables and jigs will help our manufacturing and shipping departments make an already great product even better with a level of quality that can be enjoyed for years to come.

The last few years, we have experienced growth on an unprecedented level. 2014 was a record setting year and we smashed that record in 2015! While we are selling more than we ever have in our 45 years of business, we are also more efficient and building more as well. With these investments in technology and fabrication resources, our talented team are able to keep up with the massive amounts that we need to produce. Lead times are coming down and we look forward to shortening them even further. With all parts of our business, we are examining ways to be more efficient and to be able to ship our chassis to you in a more timely fashion.

Our Multilink IRS has been a tremendous success with a lot of customers opting for this exceptional rear suspension. Although this is a brand new item for us, it hasn't kept our engineers from making tweaks so it can be available for more applications. In addition to our original cradle design, we also have a "compact" version that will fit in a variety of applications without having to modify the stock floor pan. Taking advantage of GM's 5th Gen Camaro New 1953-1956 Ford F100 Chassis differential, this latest rendition of our IRS is compact, lighter weight and perfect for smaller vehicles. For cars that have higher horsepower engines and have a seating position that is close to the rear axle, we have also created a cradle that is 7" shorter in overall length than our standard cradle. This will be perfect for the Midyear Corvette, 2nd Gen Camaro and other similar body styles.

12-time SCCA Solo national champion Mary Pozzi won the Classic American Muscle Car Class at the SCCA Solo Nationals with her AME-equipped Camaro.

Speaking of 2nd Gen Camaro's, a big congratulations is in order for Mary Pozzi. Utilizing an AME front subframe and a Multilink IRS, Mary was the 2015 SCCA"CAM-T" National Event Winner this year, bringing her up to 12 National Titles in SCCA. It has been a lot of fun working with Mary and her husband David on her car this past year and helping them wring every last bit of performance out of our suspension. There are numerous projects underway around the country featuring our IRS setup and you can see many of them debut during the '16 car show and autocross season.

AME employs the latest in technology to design and engineer products. Shown is new scanning equipment that facilitates precisely measuring body contours.

As always, it's our customers that let us do what we do, and for trusting us with your project. If it wasn't for your support and your orders, we wouldn't be where we are today. Thanks to all of your different projects and your feedback we are constantly on the leading edge of suspension design and chassis technology. As we enter our 45th year of business we take pride in providing you with the best chassis components this market has to offer. Your business is appreciated and our tech department welcomes your input as to how we can provide you with better parts and service. Whether it is an idea for a new product or thoughts on improving what we have, please let us know. Your support is valued and please consider AME components for your next project. Thank you!