Straight Talk From Art

With over three years of engineering and testing on our new Multilink IRS, we were proud to release it to the public in February of 2014. As soon as it was available, it turned out to be a phenomenal success. Focusing on our motto of "Technology in Motion", and delivering the most state-ofthe- art rear suspension that the aftermarket has to offer, we have been able to provide a level of technology and performance that previously was only obtainable with the a purchase of a new vehicle. Integrating this fantastic new rear suspension into existing as well as new chassis designs, we are continuing to push the performance envelope further than we ever have before.

Art (l) and Craig Morrison (r) have long demonstrated the ability to provide customers with products they desire.

Our Multilink IRS hit the ground running in 2014 thanks to a few well known members of the Pro-Touring world. While we have had extensive R&D testing on our own test car, we partnered up with Mary Pozzi to give us some valuable on-track feedback.

Participating at numerous track day, Goodguy and SCCA autocross events,Mary has tested the Multilink harder than anything we could do internally. It was great to see that after the many years of engineering, research and design, there were no changes that came about as a result of this brutal on-track torture.

Testing at this year's Super Chevy Suspension Challenge provided equally impressive numbers: 1.02g on the skidpad, 48.9 mph on a 60' spacing slalom and 5 seconds faster around The Streets of Willow Springs than a C5 Corvette. For more information about this test and road review please see the January '15 issue of Super Chevy Magazine. At the Goodguys Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mary was the number one qualifier at the "Dual in the Desert" autocross finals, finishing a very respectable 4th overall. The jump in performance from the previous year definitely drew the attention of her fellow competitors. Her husband and equally accomplished road racer, David Pozzi, is also installing one of our IRS subframes into his '68 Camaro. We look forward to seeing this track day monster hit the road course.

Over the course of this past year we traveled to various Goodguys and NSRA shows and the Multilink IRS sparked many people's curiosity. Being something completely new to the aftermarket we also caught the attention of the National Street Rod Association where we were awarded with the "New Product of the Year" award. There are going to be many installation stories coming out soon, so stay tuned! We have a first and second gen Camaro install story as well as a Tri5 IRS chassis build coming up. We will keep you posted on when these stories go to print. In addition to Mary's 2nd Gen Camaro hitting the track, we have had numerous customer projects started this year featuring the Multilink IRS. Some of these include a '64 Mustang, '65 Impala, numerous 1st and 2nd gen Camaros, '70 Challenger, a lot of C1 and C2 Corvettes as well as a host of Tri5s and A-bodies. Since we offer 4 different widths ranging from 55.5" to 61.5", we can fit an IRS under just about any project you have going. Whether it is just the IRS cradle to graft into an existing chassis, rear subframe or complete chassis, we can offer it in just about any configuration that would work best for you.

In addition to our IRS, we also are proud to announce the introduction of our '59-'64 Impala/full-size chassis. This is something that has been in the works for quite some time now, and it was a very challenging undertaking to create something that would maximize the amount of factory floor pan that could still be used. It has been a lot of work, but we have created something that will deliver the ride and drive quality that we are looking for, without needing a massive amount of floor modifications. Because we know that these cars look fantastic slammed, we have also created a new front and rear air spring suspension system so you can dump the car "in the weeds" and still have a great ride. If air springs aren't your thing, we can offer this chassis with our IRS or a 9" with the proven triangulated 4-bar and coil-over suspension. All three options are light years ahead of the original chassis/suspension combination and will be a great foundation to your '59-'64 project.

We're honored that the National Street Rod Association named our Multilink IRS their "New Product of the Year" at the 2014 NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY.

Ever since January of 2013 we have experienced growth on an unprecedented level. Even though the economy hasn't fully recovered, it appears that people want to get their hot rod or muscle car projects underway. To keep up with the new level of demand, we have done a lot around the shop. New machinery has been purchased, jig tables have been rearranged for a more logical flow and we have hired many new skilled craftsmen.
While It does take a little time to get new guys in the shop up to speed, the amazing team we have assembled is turning out chassis and subframes at a pace that we have never done before. Even though we are producing more, we are also selling more. Lead times have lengthened a bit, but rest assured we are doing everything we can to reduce the wait from the time your order is placed to the time you receive your chassis.

Matt Jones' familiar 1969 Camaro was fitted with the prototype AME Multilink IRS and has driven many thousands of miles with this system. The car is now being used to benchmark and test out new components that we look forward to release soon.

One of the big investments we have made this year is a bar code tracking system to keep you informed of your project's progress. This internal system is going to track the progress of every chassis, subframe or rear end housing we manufacture. When an order is generated for a chassis, subframe or housing, it will be assigned a bar code sticker. As the project progresses from Engineering through the various stages of Manufacturing to Assembly and finally Shipping, our sales and tech staff will be able to locate your order and tell you exactly where it is in this process. While this tracking system is going to be great at keeping you informed on the progress of your order, it will also help us to locate potential bottle-necks in our processes, allowing us to become more efficient and deliver your chassis in a much more timely fashion.

As always, we owe you a debt of gratitude and a heartfelt "thank you". If it wasn't for your support and business we wouldn't be where we are today. As a result of all the varied projects we take on, we are constantly on the cutting edge of suspension design and chassis technology. As we enter our 44th year of business we take pride in providing you with the best chassis components and engineering this market has to offer. Your business is valued and our staff welcomes your comments as to how we can provide you with better parts and service. Whether it is an idea for a new product or thoughts on improving what we have, please let us know. Your support is appreciated and please keep us in mind for your next project. Thank you!